About Lux Development

Lux Development is the Residential and Commercial Development and Construction branch of Lux Companies. Lux development can Build, Renovate or Remodel any size project and has a wealth of experience working with clients all over New York.

Lux Development represents one of New York’s finest construction companies

As a branch of Lux Companies, which includes Lux Property Management and Lux Restoration, we are committed to excellence. We place high importance on safety, not only for our employees but for the general public as well, and we have a long track record of meeting and exceeding safety standards set in a city that has some of the strictest safety and environmental policies in the world

In the city that never stops building there’s always a crane operating or a jackhammer going, it can be tough to stand out if you aren’t consistently exceeding expectations. That’s why Lux is on the cutting edge of construction equipment and technology, our staff is thoroughly trained down to the smallest details, we place a lot of value in meeting scheduling deadlines and always do our best to come in under budget.

Contact us today with the details of your upcoming project and learn why Lux Development has developed one of the best reputations in New York of being fair and balanced skilled craftsmen who do the job right.

Expert commercial and Residential Construction

Your local New York development and Construction Company

From Manhattan in New York City full of skyscrapers to the Hamptons with very modern and luxurious retreats. We handle development and construction projects of all kinds.