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Residential Construction

Commercial development

Remodeling and Renovatin


Is that ceramic tile in your building cracking? Are you thinking about linoleum? Does your home hardwood floor need replacing? We can install it all. Lux development.


Digging and transferring rocks, dirt, or other earthly materials takes the right tools and equipment. When you hire a contractor that doesn’t have the equipment or manpower to get the job done, things get done sloppy, underground pipes get destroyed, and deadlines get missed. That’s why it always costs less to hire pro’s like Lux Development who don’t add costs by making mistakes.


The solid structure built beneath properties that will support its weight. Having a solid foundation ensures that the building sitting on top of it lasts for generations to come.


Fitting pieces into place to collectively give a structure its shape and support. To some companies, getting this done as quickly as possible is more important than ensuring its stability because they are too focused on moving onto building utilities. Lux development knows better.

Siding / Roof

The siding and roof of your home or building are very important. Let’s make sure it’s built to defend you, and have that sometimes glaringly obvious finishing look that separates a newly built or refurbished home from an older one.


There are many kinds of windows and we are able to install them all! Also, talk to us about replacing that old heavy front door with something lighter and more durable.

Finish Carpentry

The detail matters. Sometimes a professional touch is that is needed. We provide the completing touches your property or building needs to make the end result look professional and complete.

Kitchens / Baths

Kitchens and Bathrooms are two of the most frequently used spaces in a house for both occupants and guests. Remodel your kitchen by installing new cabinets, knocking down a wall to make allow more open space, redoing your countertops, or installing new bathroom lighting. We can give your kitchen or bathroom a more modern sophisticated look.

Paint / Stucco

Give your home or building a fresh look with a new paint job. You can always tell the difference when the job is done by a professional crew like the team we have at Lux Development.

Drywall Installation

While amateurs often install drywall panels vertically, so that the long seams align along a stud, this is not the professional method. Our crews do the job right and start in one upper corner of the room and install panels horizontally with the top edge against the ceiling. We typically install the top row of panels first and get the job done right.

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